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dewcube - Bag in Box Technology
            Cubed Water is Smarter! 
                                       REDUCES PLASTIC BY ~75%
PURESOURCE springs is introducing "dewcube", a new packaged spring water brand in the Atlanta, GA. market.  Our new water brand "dewcube" contains natural spring water derived from our very specific, carefully selected and comprehensively analysed water source. 
We are committed to reducing our pastic packaging footprint by approximately eigthy percent through bag in box technology.
Package sizes include 10 and 15 liter box.
In today's highly competitive and ever-changing consumer marketplace, bag-in-box system provides manufactures, wholesalers, and retailers with new opportunities for increased sales...
hence an almost enexhaustible sale potential with minimum expense.
Bag in Box Water 10L
*   Bag in Box outer packaging 100% surface area for advertising.
*   Large area for displaying product information.
*   High definition printing available.
*   Quick product recognition.
*   Brand differentiation.
*   Product unique design.
With over 1 billion bag-in-box units sold worldwide
in a variety of liquid applications the advent of bag-in-box water
is set to change yet another industry.